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Meet the Teachers – Courses and Retreats are offered throughout the year with professional, qualified and respected Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Reiki, Health and Fitness experts. The following information tells you something about these talented people and the courses and therapies they offer.

Steffi Goddard – Artist, Yoga Teacher and Reiki healer in Residence

Steffi has spent her professional life as a successful artist and art teacher.    She has an impressive list of collectors worlwide and regularly exhibits her work in galleries in England and Spain. Steffi has also practiced yoga all her life, and is a qualified yoga teacher and Reiki healer.  Her dream was to open a retreat in Spain where she could bring individuals together to experience art and yoga and for other professional teachers to do the same.  She is a naturally patient teacher and will encourage you to try something new or develop existing skills.  She has developed an Art and Yoga holiday which does not require a high level of skill in either subject to enjoy the benefits of this type of retreat and regularly works alongside other professionals who bring their groups to the cortijo with art meditation/visualisation session. The synergie between art and yoga is such that they create a balance and work in harmony together using colour, shape and form.  On an Art and Yoga retreat you will enjoy the benefits of daily yoga sessions, explore your creative side in the art studio or out on location in the beautiful countryside of Andalucia, use meditation and relaxation to help unlock your creativity and most of all have fun with lots of laughter and good food.


Chloe Watts – Yoga Teacher and Gong Master

Chloe Watts, ‘My Happy Body’, is a professional yoga teacher and personal trainer. The groups she brings to Las Salinas always enjoy her youthful energy and dazzling smile.  She believes exercise is just one factor contributing to overall health.  By combining a healthy diet, meditation, yoga and stretching, exercising, gong baths, laughing and massage, overall health can be achieved and this is what she calls ‘holistic fitness’.  Looking good is an external result of our bodies functioning at their peak, and her holistic fitness philosophy is the best way to achieve this. Chloe is also a qualified gong meditation practitioner and regularly holds gong bath sessions at the cortijo.  

Indra Aimee Rai – Kundalini Yoga

Indra Aimee Rai (of Transformational Teaching, as featured in Psychologies UK Magazine ) is a dynamic teacher who weaves a wealth of personal experience with kundalini and tantra yoga, meditation, somatic healing & powerful coaching methodologies. She holds a deeply loving space for all those she works with, guiding them gently but intentionally in to new experience, spiritual awakening & towards their most fulfilled sense of Self. Coming from a background of alcoholism, addiction, eating disorders and codependency Indra struggled with anxiety and depression for much of her life. She is a now a firm believer in teaching not preaching, passing forward only that which has liberated her, brought peace to her heart, and journeyed her home over the years. She takes great pleasure in helping others dissolve the fog that obscures their joy, returning them to their own natural state of peace, ease and power. Indra very much enjoys working with those who are treading tentatively and new to the spiritual path, and also with those who feel they have reached an impass along the way and are ready to transcend again. If it is radical freedom that you seek, then Indra is the teacher to retreat with. Her retreats are carefully crafted to bring together powerful practices and life changing experience with equal amounts of time to simply, rest, rejuvenate, breathe and be. Visit her website noted above for testimonials!

Ram Inderpreet Kaur – Kundalini Yoga

Ram Inderpreet has been a passionate teacher of Kundalini Yoga since 2010. She discovered it during a period of serious illness and it brought such remarkable and instant transformation on a physical, mental and spiritual level that she knew she had found her path. She signed up for teacher training after just one class and is now a KRI certified Level 2 (500 hour) teacher and trains other yoga teachers as they embark on their own healing journey.  Her teaching invites a deep connection to your soul, allowing you to experience yourself at a different level. This is fun, do-able and transformational yoga that brings strength and flexibility not only to your body, but also to your mind and spirit. Ram Inderpreet’s workshops combine a powerful physical practice with the magic of mantra, sound current, breath and deep meditation, opening a space for profound self-discovery and self-healing. Her retreats offer a joyful dive into the teachings and practices of Kundalini Yoga, the legacy of Yogi Bhajan, whose technology is needed more today than ever before. No experience is necessary, just an open heart and an open mind…

Jen Reid

Jen Reid is a Kundalini Research Institute certified Level 1 Instructor of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. She reached pensionable age a few years ago and now delights in pursuing her many interests, not the least of which is her daily yoga practice. Nidhān Avtār Kaur is her given spiritual name. It means something like ‘earthly embodiment of treasure’. She tries hard to be a treasure to others in her teaching, and is keen to make the benefits of kundalini yoga accessible to everyone. Not just about the strength and flexibility of the physical body (though that benefits too), kundalini yoga is a wonderful technology for dealing with the stress, speed of change and information overload that are today’s reality. Yoga and meditation practices hold much promise, now being confirmed in medical studies, for helping alleviate mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression, as well as for physical ailments such as low back pain. You may have read about a Kundalini meditation (Kirtan Kriya), which is being recommended for those with dementia and their carers for the management of stress. Jen will be delighted to introduce you to the technology and treasures of Kundalini Yoga.

Sally Harland

With over ten years experience as a caseworker and manager within various organisations in the U.K supporting vulnerable and disadvantaged people, a Masters degree in youth and community work and a counselling qualification, I am dedicated to building healthier lives.  Mindfulness, Hatha yoga, relaxation and meditation taught me how to listen more closely to my body, be more aware of negative thought patterns and gain greater clarity of mind. It generally made me feel happier and is now my tonic. I went into teaching as I wanted to combine yoga and it’s wisdom with the therapeutic tools I have gained and mind body psychology. I also wanted to bring the joy of yoga to as many people as possible regardless of size, age, class, gender and level. I continue to ensure that my classes and sessions are inclusive, safe places for all to discover the happiness that yoga brings. My own practice is joyous and adventurous, rolling my mat out whenever I can, getting inspirations from the environment and seasons.

Alice Mason – Artist

Alice was born in Norfolk UK, in the sixties to artistic and musical parents, her father an architect and mother a teacher. Both were great musicians and music has always been a great part of her life. The eldest of four children, Alice was given a lot of freedom and explored the wild bush land and creeks. These primal landscapes and mountains gave her a true wanderlust which has remained with her.  She studied Fine Art at Bath Academy of Art and received a B.A. Hons in 1986. She has lived and worked in different countries including southern France, the Cote d’Azur, Los Angeles, California, working as a freelance muralist, specialist decorator and set painter before having her children. Now a mother of two, and married to photographer Nigel Green PHD.

 Julie Brealy – Personal Trainer and Weight Management Specialist

After a successful 20 year career as a semi -pro sportswoman, Julie decided to channel her passion for fitness to help others who wanted to achieve but didn’t know how to start.  Julie is a certified Personal Trainer, Master Kettlebell Trainer, running and sports coach and Weight Management and Obesity Specialist and premier designer of some of the top weight loss bootcamps in the UK. Julie has worked and studied health and fitness for over 15 years and what sets her apart from other trainers is her down to earth attitude and incredible motivational techniques to inspire everyone she works with to reach goals they never thought possible. Believing in total body fitness Julie’s programmes are not one hit wonders as she believes in working with you to ensure that you see and feel results quickly while at the same time building a strong foundation for your future health. Julie’s personal passion for fitness has seen her seek out the best national and international coaches and trainers to continually develop her own skills and knowledge and these are passed on to you though her dynamic and creative style of training.

Pats Jenkins – Pilates

One of Caroline Adams quotes inspires me – “Your life is a sacred journey. It is about change, growth, discovery, movement, transformation, continuously expanding your vision of what is possible, stretching your soul, learning to see clearly and deeply, listening to your intuition, taking courageous challenges at every step along the way.” At the age of 9 it was discovered that I had scoliosis (curvature of the spine). The Pilates exercise method and Yoga practice was life changing for me; it helped me to realign my spine, improve posture, increase flexibility and strengthen abdominals and back muscles to support my spine. I am a Level 3 Pilates Instructor, an accredited BWY Yoga teacher, registered Yoga teacher with the Yoga Alliance – RYT 200 level, a Level 4 Low Back Pain Specialist, Pre and Post Natal Instructor, a Consultant for Falls Prevention, Exercise Referral Consultant for GP’s and medical practitioners. I now have two Pilates and Yoga studios in Milton Keynes. I am also the founder and Course Director for the Pilates Advanced Training School; a YMCA accredited training provider for Level 3 Pilates Teachers. I actively continue my studies in Pilates, Yoga and movement therapy. This enables me to continue to grow, develop and reflect on all teachings of which I share and guide many students on a journey of discovery.

Terre Cerridwyn – Artist, teacher and healer 

I love the power and the beauty of the creative process in helping us transform and step more fully into our greater selves. I love when people come together to create, build community, explore possibilities, laugh & play and share our stories. Magic happens when people gather – I love being part of that! My teaching style is light and fun. I truly love people and connecting on a heart level. I like to laugh and play and get messy. My art is whimsical, filled with scribbles and crooked lines, bright colors and stories. I love to dance, paint and make up stories. I usually do them all at the same time. My mission is to remind myself and others, that we can live a joyous life filled with love and step into the truth and beauty of – simply – who we are. It is a beautiful journey – not always easy, but always beautiful. My professional training is as a healer. I have a Bachelors degree in Nursing and a Masters degree in Public Health and Community Development. I have studied for two years with an Herbalist. One of the stories I make up is: I am a gypsy living in a caravan, dancing around a fire, painting and preparing herbal medicines as I travel the county-side. I probably can read fortunes too. So, come join me in my story in Southern Spain – painting, dancing and making up stories!

Karen Harvey – Yoga Teacher, Personal Trainer and Massage Therapist

Karen has had 25 happy years working in the fitness and well being industry. Her approach is warm, friendly and inclusive. Karen has achieved balance in her own life – being a mother of 3, grandmother of 4 and Yoga teacher to many. She has extensively travelled India in her quest to deliver authentic Yoga and Meditation. Karen is enthusiastic to share her knowledge to create a healthier, happier you.





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