"'Welcome to Yoga, Nature, Fresh Air, Healthy Meals and Warm Spanish Sunshine"

Welcome to Villa Cortijo Las Salinas - the perfect Yoga Venue

The Retreat Venue

Cortijo las Salinas is a very old Spanish villa which has Roman origins and some very ancient history.  It has been restored into a 11 bedroom retreat venue with a combination of single and double bedrooms, creating flexible accommodation sleeping up to 22 people

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Meet the Teachers – Courses and Retreats are offered throughout the year with professional, qualified and respected Yoga, Reiki, Health and Fitness experts. The following information tells you about these talented people and the courses and therapies they offer.

Villa Setting

Andalucia is known for its awe inspiring beatuy and breathtaking countryside.  Villa Cortijo Las Salinas is situated perfectly to enjoy your early morning Salutations to the Sun as it rises over the mountain showering you with the warmth and rich Andalucian light.

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Yoga Retreat Spain

Yoga in Spain

5X50 – End with a Meditation

There have been over 50 yoga asanas and variatons for you to try, some more challenging...

5×50 – Inverted Postures

Inverted postures are not for everyone as going upside down can be a bit weird if you...

5×50 – Try a Twist or two

Back on the mat today with a couple of twists to add to your routine.  Twists can make...

5×50 – A few more asanas ….

If you have been following the yoga posts over the last few days, you might have started...

5X50 – Asanas for strength

To build up strength, flexibility and a good mental attitude to yoga, you should...

5×50 – Back Strengtheners

Many people will suffer from some form of back pain at some point during their lives and...

5×50 – Balance

Balance poses require our full attention and focus, otherwise we wobble and fall.  When...

5 more 5×50 Yoga Poses

Energy and motivation will still be high today, however there may be a few sore muscles...

5 x 50 Yoga Challenge

50 days of fitness on the 5×50 challenge means 50 yoga poses, so once again try any...

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Yoga by the pool…

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Pool and Cortijo